Cleaning tips from Grandma Owen

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Useful cleaning tips and hinds from Grandma Owen

Coffee Stains- Natural organic solvent can be used to remove coffee staining, blot the stain with a dry white cotton cloth, do not scrub.

Crayon Stains – Use a blunt knife to scrape up as much of the residue as possible.

Use kitchen towels to cover the stain, with a warm (not hot) iron, press the paper towels, change towels often.

Grease and glue

Chewing Gum – Try spraying some WD40 lubricant directly on the gum, use a blunt knife to scrape away any remaining gum.

Grease Stain – Shake some talcum powder or cornmeal over the affected area, gently agitate and leave overnight, then vacuum up.

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Glue- Firstly vacuum as much glue paste up as possible, mix up warm water and detergent.

Brush in the suds, from all directions, leave a non colour fast towel with a telephone directory on the stain overnight, then vacuum.

Ink Stain – You should be able to remove ink from carpet fibres by applying small amounts of hairspray or alcohol, keep blotting until the stain is no more.

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More cleaning tips

Muddy Footprints- Leave to dry and vacuum up, don’t be tempted to scrub!

Oil – Place an absorbent cloth over the stain, sprinkle cornmeal or cornstarch over the oil stain, let this completely dry and then vacuum off.

Try to avoid using household ‘wonder’ sprays.

Hair Dye – Hair dye is rarely removed from carpet or fabric fibres, firstly try to blot with kitchen or terry towels.

With a 1-3 mix of warm water and white vinegar damp blot the stain, then dry blot using a white towel.

Wine Stains- Shake salt over the stain, with a soft bristle brush or cloth, work the salt into the carpet fibres.

Leave to dry and then blot with a dry cloth.

red win spill

Wax cleaning tips

Wax Stain- Gently knock the residue with a rubber hammer, chip off as much wax as possible.

Place a kitchen towels over the stain, with a warm iron, press the towels to draw the wax on to the paper.

In extreme cases, try using a small amount of acetone, blot.

Vaseline- Warm soapy water can be used to remove Vaseline from carpets, after rinsing, blot up with a non colour fast towel.

Soft Drinks – Mix a teaspoon of dish washing detergent in a cup of warm water, blot with a non colour fast cotton towel.

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