Carpet cleaning

Safe and effective carpet cleaning in Eastbourne, East Sussex

Welcome to Natural Carpet Care.

Delivering the very best carpet cleansing standards.

With fast drying times and excellent stain removal results.

Leaving your carpet, rugs and upholstery looking almost new.

With no nasty chemicals left in the fibres – baby safe carpet carpet cleaning solutions.

We have more than 30 years in the business and guarantee you will be impressed with our ECO friendly services.

We also offer a localised spotting service for areas that have suffered staining.

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Our carpet cleaning process

Customers are often bewildered by the colour of the water we pour away having deep cleaned their carpets and upholstery.

Our processes ensures we get right to the bottom of the carpet pile, where dirt and particles get trapped.

Dirt, allergen, dust, skin and other particles from deep down in the carpet fibres will benefit everyone in your household.

This will also extend the life of your fibres by reducing wear.

After six months soils start to build up in the fibres this in turn reducing indoor air quality.

Each and every time we walk on rugs and carpets an abrasive action takes place.

The image below shows one half of a staircase that has been cleaned and the other in its original condition.

Soiling like this builds up over a period of time. Before we notice the carpet is looking greyer and darker.

Regular cleaning will help reduce landfill levels with lower dumped carpet.

There are many uses for carpets after they are discarded, read about carpet recycling

Do you suffer from Allergies or know someone that does? Read our page dedicated to sufferers.

Our system will remove dust mites and dust mite faeces.

This is great news if you suffer with allergies or have asthma.

Did you know that we can remove up to 99% of bacteria and allergens for from your carpet? – leaving your home clean and sanitised.

Carpet cleaning for health and not just appearance.

Had a flood? Read more about our flood cleaning services.

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Carpet care – service level choices when we clean

At Natural Carpet Care we continually looking at new products, equipment, cleaning methods and techniques.

It surprises people when they learn that there are many carpet cleaning methods
We offer four levels of carpet cleaning – from standard to premium packages:

Carpet fibre cleaning to suit you, its your choice!

Single Star

Our customer vacuums and moves lighter furniture and free standing items.

Ready for us to treat and agitate the carpet, extraction (steam cleaning) is then carried out using a Jaguar 8.4 system..

High level soil removal with rapid carpet drying times.

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Two star service

We vacuum using an industrial SEBO BS36 comfort vacuum cleaner.
Then we move lighter furniture and agitate the carpet with a counter rotating brush machine (brushing our products into the pile)
The final process is to extract (steam clean & rinse) using a Jaguar machine machine.

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Three star service

We vacuum using a top specification industrial SEBO vacuum cleaner.
Move lighter furniture and agitate the carpet with a TM4 crb machine.
Then extract (rinse / steam clean) using a Jaguar 8.4 or Airflex machine, with totally pure, mineral free water.

red rug

Four star service

Vacuum using an industrial SEBO vacuum cleaner.
Move lighter furniture and agitate your carpet using a counter rotating brush machine.
Extract & rinse (carpet clean) using a powerful Jaguar or Airflex machine, with totally pure, mineral free water.
Then use Soluguard to protect your carpet and leave a free spray bottle of 500 ml emergency spotter.

We take our business seriously – that’s why we are members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association.

We are National Carpet Cleaners Association members.

Each member has a dedicated profile section on their site.

Our page shows comments from carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning customers.

Would you use an non qualified doctor or dentists? we wouldn’t !  so why use an unqualified carpet cleaning tech?
Many carpet & sofa cleaning companies say they are fully trained.
Ask for their national carpet cleaners association membership number and log onto the  website to make sure.

Take a look at our end of tenancy carpet cleaning services.

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