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Sofa cleaning in Eastbourne and the surrounding area.

A comfortable sofa or armchair is a welcome sight after a busy day.
Kick your shoes off and relax…over time, soft furnishing fibres pick up stains, spillages, and dust.
Regular vacuuming and periodic professional cleaning will prolong the life of your upholstered furniture.
People are realising that its best to look after & maintain your furniture.

Check out our cleaning hints and tips post to see if you can deal with any unexpected spills or stains

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Soft furnishing cleaning – how we work

Our safe, non toxic cleaning solutions will restore your soft furnishings.

Leaving chairs, couches and corner suites looking as close to new as possible.

After cleaning, we can apply a safe and effective protective treatments, which will protect your furniture until we visit again.

Our cleaning process includes detailed and thorough vacuuming of all upholstered surfaces and cushions.

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Then application and gentle agitation of our effective and non re-soiling solutions.
Finally using an advanced Sapphire hand tool, we clean your soft furnishings using only water in our advanced machine.

Leaving cleaned surfaces surprisingly dry.

This will remove debris in your upholstered fibres. Many call outs are pet related – with cats and dogs being the main culprits!

Before cleaning and after - antique tub chairs

Above shows two antique chairs that had not been cleaned for more than 40 years! The difference was remarkable!

Upholstery & sofa cleaning with no detergents

As no detergents are used in our cleaning process, rapid re-soiling problems do not occur.
With furniture prices increasing year on year, our safe cleaning system ensures that no over wetting. colour bleed or penetration damage is experienced.

Detergent avoidance is definitely advised. A couch will stay cleaner for longer without soaps.

Sticky soil attracting residues will encourage sofas to actively attract soil and dust when they dry

Watch out for bargain sofa & carpet cleaning companies, they will often be using cheap detergent based solutions that will leave sticky residues in your fibres.


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Knowledge ensures a good result

With our NCCA qualifications and training, we can identify problem fibre and/or construction before cleaning.

The National Carpet Cleaners Association requires members to have attended courses and pass written examinations before an invitation of membership is given.
In recent months the National Carpet Cleaners Association has introduced a review page.

Members of the public that have used members can leave comments relating the members services, why not take a look at our page?

We are customer driven. We aim to provide polite and caring services whilst we are with you.

Using the best an most appropriate solutions and cleaning techniques to deliver outstanding results.

Leaving your soft furnishings looking close to their new condition.

We can also supply you with our own ECO cleaning spotter (500ml) enabling you to deal with any spills or stains in between our visits.

ECO Spotter

Certified carpet, rug and sofa cleaning certification
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Areas we clean upholstery / soft furnishings

Our deep down sofa / upholstery cleaning services are used by people in all cities, towns and villages in East Sussex.

Call us if you have any upholstery cleaning questions or concerns –

We have been in the industry since 1986 and have a wealth of knowledge in our field ~ Eastbourne 01323 520044.

Use our easy quotation page to gain a free non obligatory quotation for sofa cleaning in your home or office.

We also clean rug and carpets too, our process is also non re soiling and toxin free!

Sofa cleaning throughout Sussex

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