A clean carpet or hard floors?

A clean carpet or hard floors, which is best for you ?

There has been a misconception for many years that fitting hard flooring in your home would be of great benefit for allergy sufferers & asthmatics.

Its true that keeping a hard floor area clean is fairly simple & easy. But what happens as the area until its next clean?

Dust / allergen build up will happen as soon as the floor dries.

When the room is used (a door opening or walking around) settled dust on the hard floor surface is disturbed.

Allergens from pet or human hair and skin are then back in the air. Ready for us to inhale.

Dust also finds its way onto furniture and hard surface, again increasing the chances of inhalation.

Hard flooring image
Hard flooring

Carpet or hard flooring?

So what’s it to be? A clean carpet or hard floors? We think you may guess our answer!

Carpet is our friend. Not only does it provide a soft place to land if you fall, it also provides sound reduction in a property.

An important factor is that it also acts like a giant filter in your home. Allergens, dust particles, skin, hair, fuel dust and much more will settle on our carpet.

In turn carpets trap debris. Stopping them from becoming airborne which reduces the chance of a person or a pet inhaling them.

With a high quality vacuum cleaner (we recommend SEBO) will enable you to remove particles.

A good quality cleaner will have high grade (hospital) filters. This will prevent particles re entering our air.

To get remotely close to this dust and allergen control you will need to sweep and mop your floors at least twice daily.

We don’t think that this will realistically fit into people’s day to day life.

A clean carpet or hard floors? our conclusion

Carpets win hands down! I guess you may have expected that.

During the winter carpets provide a cosy environment. And regular vacuuming will keep dust under control.

Each year a professional carpet clean with remove dust and soils. If correctly executed with high performance equipment up to 99% of bacteria and allergens can be removed.

The national carpet cleaners association provide the best possible training for carpet cleaning.

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If you are living in the Sussex area we are very happy to help with the cleaning and maintenance of your carpet.

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