Carpet cleaning in Chiddingly

Carpet cleaning in Chiddingly has been a regular entry in our diary for over 30 years.

Chiddingly is a lovely village situated five miles northwest of the market town of Hailsham.

Its post town is Lewes and its within the Wealden district boarders.

Chiddingly covers around 7 square miles with around 340 dwellings in the parish. Interestingly over 50 have the word ‘farm’ in their address.

Carpet cleaning in Chiddingly, Sussex.
Carpet cleaning at a property in Chiddingly

Carpet cleaning in Chiddingly

The picture above is us cleaning carpets and rugs at a lovely property in Chiddingly village.

We really like getting out into the countryside. It makes a lovely change from working in the busy towns in Sussex.

Carpets, rugs and sofas tend to suffer a little in more rural locations as mud seems to find its way into peoples homes.

Usually with the help of cats and dogs. Ground in dirt and dust will only be removed with professional cleaning.

cat sleeping on furniture
Cats & dogs love our carpets and furniture

Our system is incredibly effective and efficient.

Removing maximum soil quantities with rapid drying times its an excellent option when you compare replacement costs.

We try to make the whole process as pain free as possible.

After a booking has been made you can expect us to turn up on time, respect your property whilst working and be courteous and polite during our visit.

Delivering high quality carpet cleaning in Chiddingly services with a personal and caring attitude.

Don’t forget that we offer high quality offsite rug cleaning services for the people living in Chiddingly

How we work – what to expect

On arrival at your property we will drop in to take a close look at items & areas that we will be cleaning.

This allows us to select the correct solutions and method that will deliver the best cleaning results.

Did you know that there are different methods for cleaning various carpet types?

We will firstly bring in our industrial vacuum cleaner (SEBO BS36) and vacuum to remove as many dry soil deposits as possible.

Our professional carpet & rug agitation system will then carefully ensure that our solutions will reach the base of the fibres.

carpet cleaning agitator
Agitation removes extensive hair / fluff deposits

Cheap / bargain carpet cleaning companies will often overlook this process.

We strongly believe that our carpet cleaning in Chiddingly customers would prefer a professional more thorough clean.

After our preparation has taken place we will then set up one of our ultra high airflow extractors / cleaning systems.

Soils will then be encapsulated and then recovered back to our holding tank in our machine.

Leaving fibres dry in around 3 hours. With no toxic / synthetic odours.

Did you know that our carpet cleaning in Chiddingly services are incredibly effective and importantly toxin free

Toxin free cleaning in Chiddingly
Toxin free carpet & rug cleaning in Chiddingly

Qualified carpet and sofa cleaning

Local carpet & sofa cleaning in Chiddingly but also nearby SeafordHoramArlington & Wannock

There are lots of companies offering services like ours but are any qualified?

The only recognised qualification is membership of the national carpet cleaners association. Examinations are sat after attending courses.

Only after satisfying the association are you allowed to become full members.

Each and every year we are required to submit our full treatments risk insurance (standard liability insurance will not cover carpet & upholstery cleaning)

We are sent newsletters and updates on new equipment, methods and products available in our industry.

This enables us to better levels of cleanliness when carpet cleaning in Chiddingly and the surrounding villages.

qualification certificate
NCCA membership certificate.

If a company don’t have membership ask why?

Our company is here to provide the best possible service to our customers, its as simple as that.

After all you wouldn’t use a non qualified electrician or plasterer in your home, so why consider a non qualified carpet cleaner?

Qualified carpet cleaning in Chiddingly, reassuring for our customers to know that we have been tried and tested!

Gain a quotation

Call us on Eastbourne 520044 and talk to an experienced and qualified technician.

Any questions that you have can be answered along with an idea of cost.

We can also arrange a time to drop in and leave you with a quote.

Text us. Text ‘quote’ to 07802 177435 followed by your cleaning requirements. We will return a quote on the same day.

Our site has an easy to use and a contact us page. Its confidential too.


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