Carpet cleaning Russell’s Green

We have been carpet cleaning in Russell’s Green since 1991.

Russell’s Green lies between Hooe and Ninfield just north of Little Common.

This area is extremely popular residential location located in the beautiful Sussex countryside.

Views over farmland and even sea views from some locations.

Our clients in Russell’s Green appreciate our fast drying and effective cleaning process.

Freshly cleaned carpet
Freshly cleaned carpet

Carpet cleaning in Russell’s Green – why consider our services?

An online search will deliver lots of companies that offer services that sound like ours, so why consider us?

With any trade service its important to look for people that are qualified in their field.

Many people in our industry have no trade qualifications.

We are not only fully insured but fully qualified.

qualification certificate

The national carpet cleaners association deliver the best levels of training in our industry.

Only when the association are satisfied with your knowledge levels are you invited to become a member.

This relates to every aspect of our business from carpet cleaning to soft furnishing cleaning.

Would you use a non qualified plumber, electrician or carpenter? We certainly wouldn’t!

How we work in your home.

On arrival we will come in and inspect the areas / items that we will be cleaning.

This allows us to select the best carpet cleaning method and choose the most effective cleaning solutions.

We then use one of our industrial SEBO BS36 vacuum cleaners

Removing maximum quantities of dry soil before our preparation work starts.

Carpet agitator used in Sidley

The image above shows a ball of human hair / dust and fluff removed from a small area of carpet.

Our agitation process is used to brush our solution deep into the fibres and lift the pile.

Only after manual treatments do we then finally set up one of our carpet extractors / cleaners before rinsing.

Carpet cleaning machine used in Sidley


People are regularly surprised by the amount of soil & dirt that we can remove from carpets.

Our process also kills germs and bacteria that are found in your carpet fibres.

Indoor air quality will rise after we have cleaned your sofas, carpets or rugs.

Making your home a much healthier place to live.

We always leave our customers with overshoes that can be worn whilst carpeted areas are drying.

Free and easy quotes

Our website has a confidential and easy to use quotation form.

Simply add your requirements and details, click send.

We will be in touch on the same day with an inclusive quotation for you to consider.

Call us on 01424 799559 and speak to a qualified operator.

We can arrange to call in and survey your carpets or rugs, leaving you with a quotation.

If you are not living in Russell’s Green don’t worry. We cover all Sussex towns and villages including nearby –

BexhillHooeBattle & Cooden

Natural carpet care - Sussex.

Raising the standards throughout Sussex.