Carpet cleaning in Hailsham

Carpet cleaning in Hailsham has been a regular part of our business as well as sofa cleaning and rug cleaning in the area.
Hailsham is a market town located north of Eastbourne.

We have been visiting the area since 1986,  I attended my first school here many years ago! (Hawkes Farm)

If you live in Hailsham in Sussex we are your local family owned carpet, rug and sofa cleaning company.

With so many carpet cleaning in Hailsham companies popping up when searching online, which one do you use and trust?

Carpet cleaning in Hailsham company check list

  • Fully insured with treatments risk insurance
  • NCCA qualified
  • Local – Sussex based company
  • Great genuine reviews through a non paid for website (Google for example}
  • Up to date equipment and products
  • Fully trained and experienced

We are locally based and have a huge client base built up over 30 years in business.

Add any company name with the word ‘reviews’ via an online search, you may be surprised by the results!

Carpet cleaning in Hailsham with twist

Being NCCA members means that we have been on training courses and passed written examinations.

Only then are you invited to become a full member.

The National Carpet Cleaners Association are the only recognised trade body in our field. If a company isn’t a member then ask why not?

qualification certificate

Many people have no idea that qualifications can be achieved in our industry. But when you calculate the cost of replacement carpet, rugs, mattresses and soft furnishings it makes complete sense!

More knowledge usually means a better job with less risk for our customers.

Delivering better carpet cleaning in Hailsham through technology, care, knowledge and experience.

Localised area and spotting services

If you have a spillage or accident its best to treat and try and remove quickly.

We have specialist spotting equipment that enables us to clean specific areas with out needing to clean the entire area.

Read more about our carpet spotting service for customers in Hailsham.

Making life simpler and easier for our customers.

Sofa cleaning

Sofa image

Replacing furniture is expensive. Incorrect solutions / over wetting or using the wrong tools could easily see a sofa or armchair permanently damaged.

Knowing that a company is fully qualified and trained certainly puts our carpet cleaning in Hailsham customers minds at rest

We prefer to spend time when we work in your home, carefully working on carpet and upholstered items. If we have any concerns about carpet or soft furnishing fibres we can test them before any cleaning takes place.

Did you know that the optimum time to apply carpet protective treatments is directly after cleaning?

Protective treatments for carpets and rugs is a worthwhile consideration. When a spillage happens fibre protection will give you more time to blot up stains and spills.

Protective treatments also discourage soil build up. Leaving your carpet looking cleaner for much longer.

Read a bit more about our carpet cleaning services.

Safe Hailsham sofa cleaning services

There’s never any point in causing a problem when trying to solve one.

We take sofa / upholstery cleaning in your home very seriously.

Our cleaning products not only deliver brilliant carpet cleaning but are also non re soiling. This means no sticky residues are left behind after we complete the job.

This also means that upholstered fibres stay cleaner for longer.

Our solutions are also odourless and toxin free. A serious consideration now with growing concerns over chemical exposure.

Walking around barefoot or touching a sofa cleaned with aggressive chemicals will mean that your body will absorb toxins in the fibres.

Also its good for us when cleaning carpets in Hailsham knowing we are not exposing our clients or ourselves to harsh and aggressive chemicals.

Great for Allergy sufferers too, our specialist allergy cleaning services can make a big difference to the indoor air quality / purity in your home.

Our system will remove dust mites and dust mite faeces and dramatically improve the indoor air quality in your home. This is very important if you suffer from asthma and could make your home a safer and more pleasant place to live.

Local services in nearby SeafordHorsebridge, Berwick,  Pevensey and Willingndon

Man holding a tree branch

Safe cleaning at its best !

Carpet cleaning, rug and sofa drying times…

We are often asked about drying times.

Years ago drying times could be as long as two days! This would mean low levels of soil removal and very basic cleaning. Techniques and equipment have moved on since then.

We can restore and clean carpets, rugs and sofas to an almost new condition.

We have invested money in purchasing the very best equipment available. Jaguar & Cub 8.4’s deliver maximum soil and stain removal along with rapid drying times.

We have used Prochem and Ashby’s machines in the past, but have upgraded to more powerful high airflow systems now that remove more soiling and dry faster.

This enables us to deliver abetter clean, deeper than ever before removing astonishing quantities of dirt and soils.

How easy is it to get a quotation?

In a busy world we like to make things a little easier for our customers.

Our quotation process gives several options for you to receive a quotation for any of our cleaning services.

Enter items that require attention along with your contact details, we will soon be back in touch with an inclusive estimate.

Text quote to 07802 177435 along with your requirements, we will return a quotation on the same day.

If you would like more information relating to our services just call us on Eastbourne 520044

We also clean mattresses – dealing with dust mites, bed bugs and removing skin deposits and body oils.

We cover all properties located in the BN27 postal code area.

Specialist offsite rug cleaning services

We purchased our commercial premises many years ago with a focus on raising the standards of rug cleaning in the Hailsham area.

Rug cleaning
Rugs hung in our drying room

The image above shows rugs drying at our rug cleaning workshop.

Our offsite rug cleaning multi stage process will remove more soils and stains than ever before.

If you have area rugs we offer a collect, rug dust, clean, condition and return service.

Thoroughly rug dusted, cleaned, conditioned and dried at our workshop.

Re delivering rugs ready to use.

Running over them with a small machine simply won’t remove proper levels of soil.

Sisal & Seagrass cleaning

We are one of the few carpet cleaning companies that offer Sisal and Seagrass cleaning

Wet (extraction cleaning) is likely to shrink or damage Sisal / Seagrass.

In fact we have seen many Seagrass ans Sisal floor coverings completely ruined in the past when the wrong cleaning methods have been used.

Did you know there are many different carpet cleaning techniques / methods to suit specific carpet types?

Rug, carpet and sofa cleaning throughout Sussex since 1986.

We also visit nearby Herstmonceux – PolegateMagham DownHoram

Natural carpet care - Sussex.

Better carpet cleaning in Hailsham – Naturally.


If your are looking for commercial window cleaning services in the Hailsham area we recommend Christies window cleaning services.

Beware of London companies working in this area using fake addresses to try and convince you they are a local company.

Natural carpet care – carpet cleaning in Hailsham since 1986 and based in Sussex.