Carpet cleaning in Saltdean

We have been carpet cleaning in Saltdean for over 30 years.

Saltdean sits on the Sussex coast near Ovingdean and Rottingdean. Its known for its out door pool that is the Slatdean community  Lido

Lido’s used to be common in the UK but they are harder to find these days. Did you know they even have days especially for dogs! Some of the pictures online will make you smile.

Its somewhere we like to visit when we are not busy carpet cleaning.

We enjoy our job, things have changed over the years, in a good way –

Using aggressive and potentially harmful solutions when cleaning is a thing of the past.

Our toxin free – ECO friendly system delivers outstanding results with no risks.

Safe for babies, children, adults, cats and dogs.

Man holding a tree branch

Our effective solutions are plant based and odourless.

Because no soaps / detergents are used rugs, sofas and carpets cleaned by us will stay clean for a long time.

If detergents are used a sticky residue will be left behind, these residues will encourage soiling because they are tacky.

Soon after carpets have been cleaned is the perfect time to apply carpet protector!

Carpet cleaning Saltdean – why choose us?

With so many companies offering similar services why consider us?

With any service supplied to your home or office its always reassuring to know that trade qualifications have been gained.

In our industry the only trade qualification to be achieved is via the National Carpet Cleaners Association courses are attended and examinations are sat.

Only after exams have been passed are you invited to become a member.


It doesn’t stop there..

Regular news letters and magazines are sent to members outlining new products, equipment and developments.

Along with membership fees our treatments risk insurance certification has to be sent.

Did you know standard liability insurance will not cover carpet, rug and sofa cleaning.

I have seen this time and time again with cheap carpet cleaning companies, under insured and sometimes not insured at all!

If you get five minutes sit down with a pen and paper and work out your replacement costs for –

Rugs, carpets and soft furnishings in your home, it may surprise you!

Carpet, rug and sofa cleaning  – easy quotations

How easy is it to gain a quotation from us?

Its very easy. Here at Natural Carpet Care we are always looking for ways to simplify.

You can fill in our quotation form with your requirements and details, we usually return a quotation on the same day.

How about a text quotation? Simply text ‘quote’ to 07802 177435 include your requirements and sizes.

We will deliver an inclusive quotation that day.

You can always call us Brighton 634177 or Eastbourne 520044.

Read a little more about our quotation process and find the easiest and best way for you to receive a quotation.

We are also happy to answer any questions or arrange a time to pop in and leave you with a written quotation.

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Why no take a look at some of our Reviews ?

Its important to read genuine reviews relating to any company.

Other areas that we clean carpets and sofas

We also clean carpets in nearby SeafordNewhaven & the villages of JevingtonSouth Heighton & Friston

We look forward to meeting you!

P.S We also offer Seagrass ans Sisal carpet cleaning services throughout Sussex

Dependable carpet, rug and sofa cleaning throughout the South East.