Are carpet fresheners good for your carpet?

Carpet fresheners are advertised widely in our shops, but what are the effects on your carpet?

We are often employed to clean carpets because of odour issues.

Its tempting to use powdered freshener products as a temporary fix, but what are the drawbacks?

The idea of carpet fresheners is to sprinkle / spread large quantities of powder all over your carpet areas.

After a short period of time you are then directed to vacuum up the powder.

carpet powder
Carpet freshener powder

Freshener carpet powder pitfalls

One of the big problems is that you can never remove all of the powder.

This sits in the fibre bases and the powder content is often toxic.

If you have pets then this is bad news. Animals can easily absorb toxins as they spend a lot of time walking and sleeping on carpeted areas.

This also can’t be good for humans. Why fill your home with toxins when a professional carpet clean will do a proper job.

This dangerous content can lurk in the fibres and sometimes have a rotting effect.

Also powdered products can often find its way through to your vacuum motor in your cleaner. This will be expensive to replace.

What can you do to keep carpets fresh?

Firstly we suggest avoiding carpet cleaning wonder products and carpet freshener powders.

Buy a really good vacuum cleaner. We recommend SEBO cleaners, they are durable and efficient.

An upright SEBO vacuum cleaner with have a beating brush as well as powerful vacuum capability. This will remove lots of debris and dry soil.

If you have an issue with a stain then try to avoid domestic sprays as they will probably contain bleach / detergents.

Instead keep some non colourfast micro fibre cloths under your sink. With one damp gently agitate and blot, with a dry cloth blot again, you will draw out the mark rather than scrubbing it in.

Yearly professional cleaning

We suggest professional carpet cleaning every year. Soils and stains start to build up.

Indoor air quality starts to drop too. A thorough deep down carpet clean is a health choice.

Call us on Eastbourne 520044 – we are happy to answer questions or give you a quotation or arrange a visit.

We look forward to meeting you.

Our carpet cleaning process is toxin free.

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