Carpet sofa & rug spotters –

Carpet, sofa and rug spotters are always a useful product to have under your kitchen sink – just in case.

Often when we are visiting customers homes and delivering our professional carpet cleaning services we see colour discolouration and bleaching due to domestic products.

Carpet and sofa cleaning wonder products are easy to find on supermarket shelves but some can often cause more trouble than they solve.

carpet spotter
Urine stain after a customer used a domestic product.

The image above shows a carpet that had been worked on by one of our clients.

The urine stain had spread and actually darkened.

Our job was made that much harder when we arrived. We had to firstly remove the chemical from our clients carpet fibres before we could work on the area.

We then use our own specialist solutions and equipment to remove the mark and sanitise the area.

Removing any cleaning solution from a carpet, rug or sofa is just as important as taking out the original spillage.

Carpet cleaning machine
Water is often an indicator of fibre content!

Professional ECO spotters –

We have seen many items ruined due to chemical bleaching and chemical mixing.

From carpets, sofas, mattresses and rugs. Fibres can suffer damage and stain fixing because of domestic wonder products.

Because of these reasons we have had our own ECO spotter products made.

Using effective and safe solutions our product has been developed from professional solutions that we use on a daily basis.

Its easy to use and is safe to use. The directions are on each individual bottle.

ECO Spotter for carpet cleaning, Rug and sofa spotting.
ECO spotters from Natural Carpet Care

With any stain, scrape up any residues. Use a damp micro fibre cloth to blot up as much of the spill as possible.

Spray our solution directly onto the stain. Gently work in and agitate with your damp cloth.

Using your dry cloth blot. Avoid scrubbing as this can break and damage carpet fibres.

The stain should largely transfer over onto your dry cloth. Blotting out is a far better technique than ‘scrubbing in’.

The stained are should be allowed to dry for around four hours. Repeat the process if necessary.

If your stain persists then contact us. We may need to visit with our advanced carpet cleaning equipment to treat and remove.

Carpet cleaning & localised spotting

We are happy to attend your property and work on localised areas where you have staining issues.

Our specialist equipment will ensure we have a high success rate when dealing with staining in your home.

As we are full national carpet cleaners association members we have learned advanced stain techniques and are fully insured.

We are often carpet cleaning in Eastbourne but also cover all cities, villages and towns in the Sussex area.

Don’t forget that there are no toxic or aggressive chemicals left in your fibres when we have finished working in your home.

Effective and safe sofa and rug cleaning spotters.

Get in touch –

If we can help you for any rug cleaning, carpet or sofa cleaning accidents just call us on Eastbourne 520044.

Speak to an experienced and qualified technician. We are happy to offer advice or even arrange a time for us to visit.

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Carpet rug and sofa spotters available for clients in the Sussex area.

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