Pets and your soft furnishings

Pets and your soft furnishings. Can we all live in harmony?

Pets are one of the family, we love to share our home with them but can we all live in happily together in our homes?

Dogs love to be with us, they will want to share our new sofa even though you have bought them an expensive dog bed.

Its inevitable that over time they will bring a lot of the outdoors inside.

Not only are our sofa / soft furnishing cleaning services effective they are also pet friendly.

Dogs on your furniture
Dogs love our sofas

Pets on our furniture

Dog hairs, dander, sand, soil, fluff, dust and much more will be brought into our homes.

Soft furnishing in our house will harbour allergens and bacteria too. Without you noticing levels build up over the months.

What can you do to help?

Regular grooming is a good idea. Try to remove as much content from your dog or cats coat weekly.

By doing this you can actually reduce the level of soils and the transfer into your carpets and sofas.

Also our pets like grooming, its a bonding exercise!

Barrier matting is always a worthwhile consideration.

There are some very effective barrier mats available, placing one at your property entrance and back door can catch a lot debris over time.

Avoid the use of carpet fresheners that can clog up your carpet fibres. Its extremely difficult to remove them.

Get a really good vacuum cleaner.

We always suggest buying a SEBO vacuum cleaner. Strong vacuum motors combine with a powerful brush action.

An upright high quality vacuum cleaner will keep down levels of sand and soils.

Sometimes purchasing a darker carpet can be a good move. Light colours will show every hair if your pet is of a darker colour.

Its always interesting to read about germs in our carpet / soft furnishings !

Employ a professional carpet cleaning company.

Each and every year our carpets and furnishings really need a professional clean.

We are full national carpet cleaners association members too. This means that we are qualified.

With the latest top level industry equipment we can deep clean your carpets and sofas removing allergens and bacteria.

Fibres can really be restored to an almost new condition.

Indoor air quality immediately improves and hygiene levels are restored.

Sofa image

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