How dirty is your carpet?

How dirty is is your carpet? Its not always that easy to know by its appearance.

Its a worrying statistic, but carpets after two years can hold four times their overall weight in dirt and debris, this is a conservative figure.

A whole list of debris can be lurking in your fibres including insect remains, food, drink, body fluids, mites, fleas, hair, dander, fingernails, skin and much more.

rug cleaning machine
Cleaning preparation removes all sorts of debris from rugs and carpets.

Its not a pleasant thought! Especially if you have allergy / health / respiratory issues. Carpet content can pose a health threat to healthy people.

A regular annual visit for carpet cleaning is recommended, removing staining but also dramatically improving indoor air quality and carpet health.

The following statistics make for uncomfortable reading !

Dirty carpet – shocking facts

Did you know that only 25% of people take their shoes off indoors. This means that dirt is not only walked into a property but actually pushed / ground into carpet fibres.

Regular vacuuming will help but won’t remove these soils.

An incredible 70% of people actually admitted placing rugs and dragging furniture over staining. Hiding staining isn’t the answer!

Contact a professional carpet cleaning company to attend and remove marking and spillages.

Can you believe almost 89% of people owned up to dropping food onto their carpet and then eating recovered items. Can you imagine how much bacteria they are ingesting?

Shocking to read some of these statistics, but what steps can you take to make your home a cleaner and healthier place?

Are there germs in your carpet? Read our post relating to carpets and germs.

You may be in for a shock!

Regular carpet cleaning / maintenance.

If you have pets and children is really important to book in professional carpet cleaning regularly.

Young children & babies spend much more of their time on carpeted areas than adults.

With this in mind think about the level of bacteria and allergens they are exposed to. Also insects that reside in your carpet are more likely to bite them.

This is a good reason to have professional carpet cleaning in your home.

Animals also spend their time on the carpet. Bringing in all sorts of debris from your garden and shedding fur and dander that will collect in your carpets.

We have always advocated cleaning for health and not appearance, when reading about carpet contents this seems like a priority.

Advanced cleaning solutions – toxin free technology.

Over the last 15 years new developments in cleaning solutions and methods have taken place.

Originally carpet cleaning would have taken place using some toxic / harsh chemicals.

New carpet & rug cleaning solutions are now available that are effective and safe. No compromise with human or pet health.

A dog laying on a sofa
Pet safe solutions

Sometimes the trade off between cleaning results and health had to be considered. Not anymore.

Our toxin free solutions deliver hard to believe results with no compromise.

More information about our toxin free carpet & rug cleaning solutions.

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